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About Me

Ever since I was young I have loved photography.  Every image captures life's unforgettable moments.  As an adult, mother, and friend I fell in love with all the first moments in our lives, placed in one image.  I knew from this moment I wanted to share my love for these special memories with others.  My work is about creating photographs and albums that tell the happenings and moments in the lives of my clients. 

I am a single mom of 2 beautiful children. I work a full time M-F job, and photograph on weekends.  Both my kids are on a travel & high school soccer team, in which I photograph during season.  While I have 2 that live in my home, we have a continuous open door to many teenagers from the soccer team, friends, and family.  When visiting the Carr house you will always leave with a smile on your face, a full belly, memories of laughter, kindness, and the kid at heart feeling. 

Contact Me

Diana Carr 

Tel: 330.649.1111

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